Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

We Data Log and Flash your Motorcycles ECM

Today’s fuel injection give us the ability to tap into your factory computer or ECM.

We view the running file and modify and flash back into the ECM the adjusted setting.

Our Services Starts With the Operator

Our Operator has experience that dates back to 2005.
He has over the years collected hundreds of tunes and thousands of hours of Dyno seat time.
As a team we have over 20 years combined of tuning experience.
This experience gives us a unique understanding of their operating characteristics.
All this assuring that your motorcycle will operate safely at its maximum torque and horsepower

We have a DynoJet 250i with Load Control

With it we can measure Horsepower and Torque Values.
We also use it to measure the Air Fuel Ratio “AFR” and other ECM values real-time.
The Dyno gives us freedom to fine tune the Ignition or the ECM on almost any Motorcycle.
Another use is to use it as a stationary platform to troubleshoot from.
All running on the most current software and hardware from DynoJet.

The Motorcycles and Modules we Service

*Harley Davidson, Victory, Indian, Sports bikes and Metrics.
*We Dyno carbureted and EFI.
*Power Commander V
*Power Vision ECM programmer for Harley Davidson fuel injected models.
*Force Inducted and Nitrous fed motorcycles.
*TMAX Thundermax ECM replacemnet
*S&S Cycles ECM replacement
*If you don’t see your Module here give us a call.

Motorcycle and Dyno Preparation

Before riding the motorcycle onto the Dyno we start with our safety checks.
We do this for safety of the operator and for the prevention of possible mechanical failure.
At this time we tape off painted areas and make other preparations for the Dyno harnessing.

Once on the Dyno the Motorcycle is Strapped in place with proper alignment.
Then we Align fans for air circulation and keeping the motorcycle cool.
After that using different sensors we link the motorcycle to the Dyno and its controls and guages.
Before we do any tuning we heat cycle motorcycle and bring the oil up to 180 deg”, operating temp.

Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Pricing

 Dyno preparation on the motorcycle $45
 Electrical and Mechanical Trouble shooting $100 per hour
 ECM Licensing Credit Power Vision $200
 Vehicle Fresh Engine Break-in “minimum 100 miles” $125
 Warm Up Cycle and Base Line with Horsepower and Torque Measurement “POWER PULL” $150
 Custom Power Commander Tune $425
 Custom Power Vision ECM Tune $425
 One Off and High HP Motor Builds, ECM Tune $500
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